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What an amazing few months it was. The members of our boot camp did great during the race, 2013. Congrats guys and hope to see you next year!

Mudders Boot Camp for obstacle race ‘Tough Mudder’

One of the most talked about events is coming to Perth in September 2014.

Designed by the British Special Forces, Tough Mudder is a hardcore, 20km long obstacle course.

You will be challenged and pushed to your limits. You will be tested in ways like you’ve never been tested before.

Think mud! Think wet! Think tough!

To help you enjoy TM and appreciate the effort its organisers put into preparing for it, we are running a boot camp with the focus on preparing you to be ready for the race.  Even those in top shape may struggle but we can help you be at your best for the day.

Why us?

Unlike other boot camp organisers we have actually done the race before so we know exactly what to expect.  We know how hard it is and we have come away having learnt some valuable lessons that will help with our training preparation for this year’s event.

Do you want to train for Tough Mudder? Then train with us!


Our first boot camp starts on Saturday the 21st of June and runs for 12 consecutive weeks, leaving the last week leading up to the event for some much needed rest and recovery in preparation for the race.

How does it work?

There are two sessions on offer per week at two different locations, two different times.  You can choose to do both boot camps in a week or just one.

Spaces are limited so register your interest and drop us an email at


Small print: Tough Mudder is a registered name of TM co. FitPandas personal training is not associated with ToughMudder co.

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