12 Week Body Transformation

This is a complete intensive 12 week Body Transformation program!

Think blue skies, sunny days, fit & toned!

At Fit Pandas we understand the importance of feeling good and looking good.

Get your body beach ready to be able to wear that bikini you have hidden in the back of your cupboard throughout winter!

You need to:

  • * commit to the training program specifically created for you,
  • * provide food diaries 3 times a week for analysis,
  • * make weekly nutrition changes to your lifestyle to achieve your desired goals.

You will see:

  • * change in your body composition
  • * improved posture
  • * weight/fat loss
  • * improved confidence
  • * loss of inches
  • * strength & tone

Our experienced trainers will meet you three times a week for 1-2-1 personal training sessions, spend time on food diary analysis and give you feedback, offer on-going support and more.

Measurements and fitness testing will be conducted to help keep on track with your goals throughout the 12 weeks.

A bonus of 2 hypnotherapy sessions are available in this package.

Commitment is a key component to success. We will commit to your goals as we expect you to commit to this program.

We are an outdoor mobile PT company but if you have a gym at home we can train you there too.

Contact us NOW for more information!

Transform your body! Transform your life!


Fit Pandas,
Address: 256 Adelaide Tce, Perth 6000, Tel.: 0412 507 108, Email: info@fitpandas.com.au